The John Lucas Foundation, in partnership with the Houston Recovery Initiative, held a teen’s fest on February 5, the year 2017. It was on a Sunday. There are interesting facts about this festival. It was held on a popular game day called Super Bowl. This was an event that was not held before. It was first of its type.

Another surprising fact about this party was that it was drug-free. No alcohol sold or any other drug. The core goal of this fest was to show the society that one can party really nice without a puff or a shot. This was a completely fresh and better alternative compared to the other parties held around the city.

What made sober Bowl Super fest 2017 even more special and amazing?

The two hosts-Houston Recovery Initiative and the John Lucas Foundation were viewed as a public-figure image of the recovery way of life. It encouraged young folks that they can still be popular in their societies and still lead a sober lifestyle.

The other thing is that the entrance for the fest was completely free of charge. This was an open door for anybody SuperBowl to enjoy the day. SoberBowl has never been so welcoming to everyone than in 2017. It was also a family-friendly fest. No age or gender discrimination

To make SoberBowl even enjoyable, the event features many athletes, both popular and upcoming ones. Many entertainers were also present to entertain their lovely audience. For the music lovers, the event got them covered. A good number of musicians were present to give them the music they wanted. It was such a fun day for everybody.

Food trucks were all over to take care of hunger issues serving the best meals in the city. However, no liquor was sold at the event.

What did the people learn at the event?

The host crew had prepared some interesting topics for their audience. Some of the topics include;

• Adolescents, Sober adolescents, and Teens-The young generation had attended as the majority. The teenagers were given advice and some lessons on how they could embrace a drug-free life, how to deal with adolescents, and how they could go through it without using drugs.

• Drugs, alcohol, addiction, substance abuse-They were enlightened more about drugs like alcohol and the negative effects they could bring about in their lives. Also, they were taught lessons on substance abuse and how they could join hand as a unified society to fight it. They used an example of the party to create the big picture.

• Alternative Peer Group (APG)-As young people, it is easy to be compelled into a certain peer group. You might find the activities you are doing as a group are vices that involve substance use and abuse. The teens were taught how they could form Alternative Peer Groups to fight this, teach others how to live a recovery lifestyle.

• Recovery High School, Sober High School-Many Young folks, were in high school and most celebrated SoberBowl differently. But this was a complete turn-around, they were to bring the campaign to their high schools and preach a sober lifestyle. According to the speakers, it was their responsibilities to mold Sober High Schools.

• Family counseling and Sobriety-Considering the fact that this was a family friendly event, the “topic family counseling” was also tackled. Families were advised on how they can embrace their children, how parents can advise their kids towards a sober lifestyle, and how they can all join hands to create a drug-free society.