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minneapolis, mn

February 4, 2018

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Join us in sponsorship of this growing family-friendly event featuring athlete panels, musical guests, food, and more! SoberBowl SuperFest offers a fun, safe and sober place for football fans who have already made the decision to enjoy an alochol-free Super Bowl Sunday.


"This is the one thing [during Super Bowl week] I was really looking forward to!"

Earl Campbell

NFL Hall of Fame Running Back


"I think this has a wonderful effect on the community."

brandon mitchell

Super Bowl XXXVI Champion


"We're not against people who drink. This is for people who have an issue with alcohol and want to be in a safe place."

John Lucas II

Houston Rockets Coach & Former Player


"This is an amazing opportunity and an amazing thing to have each and every year."

Ryan Leaf

2nd Overall Pick 1998 NFL Draft


"I hope we continue to do this in every Super Bowl city."

Randy Grimes

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1983-1992)

Founding Sponsors

The ARK 501(c)(3) is the executive producer and official source for all access to SoberBowl SuperFest II.For corporate sponsorship opportunities and general inquiries, please contact:

Tracy Abbottsoberbowlsuperfest (at) or call 713-240-4931